Imagen Virus COVID19

Covid-19 tests

The Inelca staff underwent tests last week, at its facilities in Sant Esteve de Sesrovires, to check if they are affected by Covid-19 and thus ensure the health of each of them. The results have been satisfactory, allowing the activity to continue safely. In addition, the facilities have been adapted to the health protocols required […]

ZnNi e Hidrogenación INELCA SLU

ZnNi and Hydrogenation

One of the drawbacks of electrolytically deposited coatings is the possibility of hydrogenation. In some of the phases of the coating application process, such as pickling or the deposition phase itself, hydrogen formation occurs on the metal surface to be coated as an auxiliary reaction. This hydrogen, in monatomic form, can diffuse within the metal […]

Advantages of ZnNi

Among all the surface coatings of zinc and its alloys, zinc-nickel has a number of advantages that makes it the leader: i) Greater resistance to corrosion: The presence of 12 to 16% Ni in its structure, allows it to acquire the gamma phase, which gives it greater resistance to corrosion in salt spray and in […]

Imagen ensayos sobre corrosión INELCA SLU

Corrosion tests

A corrosion test involves the performance of laboratory experiments that simulate corrosive environments in order to determine the resistance of coated metals under controlled conditions. The behaviour against corrosion of a metal is a joint property between its own characteristics and that of the environment that surrounds it, so since there is no valid test […]

INELCA imagen nueva planta producción

INELCA opens a new production plant

As part of the company’s expansion and growth plan, INELCA will inaugurate this March a new plant next to the current one, in the same town of Sant Esteve de Sesrovires (Barcelona) where the main plant is located. With a constructed area of ??2,200 m2, this plant will be a productive complement to the existing […]

Imagen desfibrilador INELCA

We are cardioprotected company

Committed to the safety of people in the workplace, we have installed a defibrillator to protect the health of our employees currently working at our facilities in Sant Esteve de Sesrovires (Barcelona). With the installation of the device, 6 people were trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and defibrillator use. The company is sensitized with the […]

Imagen trenes corrosión Inelca

Types of corrosion

Corrosion is defined as the deterioration of a material when interacting with its environment, the metal loses or decreases its physical and / or chemical properties. The corrosion process is accelerated by factors such as oxygen, humidity, temperature, chemicals and the change in the physical-chemical composition of the material. Through the galvanizing process, a layer […]

Inelca Recubrimientos metálicos imagen decriptiva naturaleza

Main objectives of the coatings

The benefits of metal surface coatings are so broad that they become indispensable for many areas. There are coatings of different types which contribute some characteristics or others to the material on which they are deposited: By means of electrochemical metal depositions, such as galvanized, Zinc alloys (Zinc Nickel, Zinc Iron, Zinc Cobalt, Zinc Cobalt […]

Inelca Zinc Flakes

Inelca expands its offer with a new installation of Zinc Flakes

Inelca, as a company focused on customer service, is always in continuous evolution to offer excellence in service and an optimal response to customer needs. That is why in the last two years Inelca has been working with a new project in order to increase their production capacity and respond to these needs transmitted by […]

IATF 16949 Inelca

IATF 16949

Inelca ha aconseguit la certificació IATF 16949, la qual fins al moment ha sigut aconseguida per molt pocs aplicadors del nostre sector. Aquesta certificació, ratifica un cop més el compromís de l’empresa amb la qualitat i la millora contínua. Aconseguida aquesta certificació es continua treballant per consolidar l’òptima posició en el mercat de la qual […]