Our activity is developed in order to improve the protective properties of metal surfaces, provide new features to favor subsequent treatments and even give it a decorative finish

In the following sections the offer of products that Inelca develops for the treatment of metallic surfaces is presented, as well as the complementary services that we integrate in our organization in order to offer an increasingly complete and satisfactory offer to the client.

We offer a customized global solution for each client adapting to their needs at all times.

Metal surface coating

Electrolytic coatings

Electrolytic Zinc

Imagen ZINC Inelca

Zinc + TOP

Imagen ZN Top Coat Inelca

Zinc Electrolytic Iron

Imagen ZN FE Inelca

Zinc Electrolytic Iron + TOP

Imagen ZN FE Top Coat Inelca

Zinc Nickel Electrolytic

Zinc Níquel Electrolítico INELCA SLU

Zinc-Nickel Electrolytic + TOP

Zinc Níquel Electrolítico + TOP INELCA

Zinc Flake

Zinc Lamelar INELCA SLU

All Products

Imagen fábrica INELCA SLU Recubrimientos superficies metálicas

About Us

Inelca is a family business with wide experience in the Galvanotechnics market. It has great prestige thanks to the perseverance and work of all its professionals.

Our philosophy is based on the principles of Quality and Excellence, being aware that the future begins in the effort and the present work.

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