Keys to selecting a good coating applicator

Article courtesy of Atotech ( Authors: Steve Kocka: General Manager General Metal Finishing North America at Atotech USA LLC Markus Ahr: Global Product Manager Corrosion Protection Coatings, Atotech   Selecting the right electroplating applicator can be as challenging as producing the part. These are the key considerations to ensure a quality finish and reasonable delivery. […]

Imagen para Evaporación: Solución medioambiental

Evaporation: Environmental solution

As part of Inelca’s continuous effort to minimise the environmental impact of its activity, our company has incorporated a mechanical compression evaporator for the treatment of waste water from the Zinc Nickel (ZnNi) processes. The incorporation of this water treatment technology is intended to cover several objectives: Minimisation of water consumption: By means of the […]

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Post-pandemic economic situation in the electroplating sector

After more than a year of trying to overcome the serious problems caused by the pandemic, and when it seems that the clouds are beginning to clear with the immunisation of the population through the vaccine, new obstacles are appearing on the horizon in the industrial sector that only hinder the exit of companies. Focusing […]

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Electrodeposition is the phase of the electrolytic treatment where the parts are coated with a thin layer (microns) of the metal or alloy that we want to deposit. To do this, the parts are immersed in an electrolytic solution, called electrolyte, which contains ions of the metal or metals that will form the layer. A […]

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Prevention & Innovation

The spread of the Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to quickly alter our habits. It is now up to companies to ensure compliance with rules of conduct that allow safe activity. That is why INELCA, aware of the culture of prevention and complying with the Law on the Prevention of Occupational Risks, has incorporated the […]

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For a correct application of any surface treatment, the state of the surface on which it is to be applied is essential. Because the parts on which the coating is to be applied come from previous processes (stamping, machining, threading, heat treatment, etc…), they must be subjected to cleaning processes prior to the deposition of […]

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Corrosion tests II: Most common types of tests

In the previous instalment of this publication we saw the definition, purpose and limitations of corrosion tests, in this instalment we will discuss the most widespread types of corrosion tests used to test metal parts coated with sacrificial metals such as Zn, ZnFe, ZnNi and Zn flakes. SST: The initials of this test correspond to […]

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Covid-19 tests

The Inelca staff underwent tests last week, at its facilities in Sant Esteve de Sesrovires, to check if they are affected by Covid-19 and thus ensure the health of each of them. The results have been satisfactory, allowing the activity to continue safely. In addition, the facilities have been adapted to the health protocols required […]

ZnNi e Hidrogenación INELCA SLU

ZnNi and Hydrogenation

One of the drawbacks of electrolytically deposited coatings is the possibility of hydrogenation. In some of the phases of the coating application process, such as pickling or the deposition phase itself, hydrogen formation occurs on the metal surface to be coated as an auxiliary reaction. This hydrogen, in monatomic form, can diffuse within the metal […]

Advantages of ZnNi

Among all the surface coatings of zinc and its alloys, zinc-nickel has a number of advantages that makes it the leader: i) Greater resistance to corrosion: The presence of 12 to 16% Ni in its structure, allows it to acquire the gamma phase, which gives it greater resistance to corrosion in salt spray and in […]