Evaporation: Environmental solution

Imagen manos y agua para Evaporación: Solución medioambiental

As part of Inelca’s continuous effort to minimise the environmental impact of its activity, our company has incorporated a mechanical compression evaporator for the treatment of waste water from the Zinc Nickel (ZnNi) processes.

The incorporation of this water treatment technology is intended to cover several objectives:

  • Minimisation of water consumption: By means of the mechanical compression evaporation technique, water consumption is reduced by up to 97 %.
  • Reduction of environmental impact: By reusing up to 97 % of the water treated in the evaporator, the environmental impact of this volume is reduced, approaching zero discharge.
  • Robustness: The evaporation processes make the purification process robust and reliable.
  • Water quality: The water obtained after the evaporation process improves the quality of the mains water, giving greater stability to the production processes.

After one year of operation, the conclusions are positive and all the established objectives have been met. Despite being a considerable investment, the results obtained endorse and justify it.

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