Inelca expands its offer with a new installation of Zinc Flakes

Inelca Zinc Flakes

Inelca, as a company focused on customer service, is always in continuous evolution to offer excellence in service and an optimal response to customer needs. That is why in the last two years Inelca has been working with a new project in order to increase their production capacity and respond to these needs transmitted by their customers in the finishes of Zinc Flakes.

To this end, a new state-of-the-art Zinc Flakes line starts the activity at the end of July, provisioned by the Sidasa company, which has the latest technical improvements available in the market. It has a high productive capacity and is equipped with a robot that optimizes its performance greatly.

In the design of this line we have added our technical knowledge and our experience in lines of this type already in operation in Inelca, to those of our suppliers with the aim that the installation fulfilled all our specifications and requirements completely.

The improvements that this new facility brings us will be reflected in an increase in the Zinc Flakes capacity offer, both in the Zintek and Magni finishes, improvements in the quality of the final product and an improvement in the service rate offered to our customers. faster delivery times.

Beyond this new installation, Inelca continues working on new projects that will see the light in the near future that will involve new technical improvements and a further jump in the upward trajectory of the company.

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