Certification: “Atotech Automotive Applicator”

The last 16 of June of 2014 Atotech, one of the world leader suppliers of chemical products for electroplating, gave the certification “Atotech Automotive Applicator” to Inelca.

This certification, certify us as an applicator company of numerous Atotech products, which are approved and recognised by automotive world industry.

The license was given by Òscar Benet, Josep Pineda and Sebastian Gesti representing Atotech.

R+D: Collaboration with PPG

Over the last months we have been developing a new electrophoresis process together with PPG Industries in compliance with Ford S451 specifications. This teamwork has allowed us to be the first suppliers in Europe capable of offer this new technology to our customers accomplishing the goals.

In that way, Inelca gives answer to the Manufacture’s requirements in Europe and the market could supply parts with S451 finish.

With these collaborations we emphasise in our company philosophy. In that philosophy is important maintain the automotive sector’s confidence and also maintain the requirements that have a high level of compliance

Inelca in MetalMadrid 2014

The last 29 & 30 of October 2014 Inelca took part of the 7th edition of MetalMadrid in IFEMA. This meeting, focused on industry sector, gather companies from the entire sector: Machinery, Subcontracting, Suppliers, Engineering, Materials, Applicators and others.

It has been a fulfilling experience, where we could talk with all the production system’s phases, customers and prospective customers. We are looking forward great sales results in the future.

Technical Conferences S451

Our technical and quality departments took part in the presentation of Ford S451 in PPG facilities in Valencia. During the presentation the evolution of the finish according to Ford was exposed, where they empathised the increase of corrosion resistance.

Aforementioned coating has been permanently implanted within Inelca’s products after a year of testing in the pilot plant.

Certification: “Coventec Approved Applicator”

The last 11 of June 2014 Coventya, supplier of chemical products for surface treatment industry, gave the certification “COVENTEC APPROVED APLICATOR” to Inelca.

This certification, validate us as a applicator company of numerous Coventya products, wich are approved and recognised by automotive world industry.

The license was given by Jorge Oltra, CEO of Coventya, who was accompanied by Jose Flores, Sales Development Manager and Technical Coordinator and Juan Villanueva, Area Manager.