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Traditionally, Valentine’s Day time is a moment to celebrate love. It has different symbolism in different parts of the world. All over the world, it is a industrial holiday, even though in other countries, it is a day to celebrate friendship.

In the centre Ages, Valentine’s became associated with romantic love. In England, it absolutely was also popularized by a poem by Geoffrey Chaucer. The poem described wild birds choosing mates. The birds had been later utilized as emblems of Valentine’s.

A Roman pageant called Lupercalia also had some association with Valentine’s Day. Lupercalia was obviously a fertility celebration that was held about February 18. It was as well the start of early spring. During Lupercalia, lovers were matched off by lottery, and fertility rituals were performed.

With respect to legend, Valentine’s may have been depending on the celebration. In 270 CE, a priest called Valentine was executed. He had secretly committed several Roman soldiers, and was jailed for it. The priest as well aided Christians in getting away Roman prisons.

The Roman Emperor Claudius II, who was questionnable, prohibited marriages among soldiers. This individual believed that the single man would make a better jewellry. Naturally, Valentine continued to get married to couples in secret.

After his death, Valentine was imprisoned. Valentine was later beheaded. Another Heureux Valentine aided young Christian couples in their partnerships. Eventually, Lupercalia was converted into a Christian holiday.

The earliest commercially printed out Valentine’s Business appeared in the mid-1800s. Credit cards were frequently decorated with hearts or cupid, and sometimes included a sentimental verse.

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